Accessibility at Pride

If you have accessibility requirements please purchase your ticket through the public Pride Ticketshop then fill in this form.

You will be contacted by 1st February for additional details.

Brighton & Hove Pride works with partners to deliver unparalleled Access facilities and services for the deaf, disabled, elderly and those with mobility issues.

Are you going to Brighton & Hove Pride this Year? Do you have Access needs? Are you Deaf, disabled, elderly or have a mobility issue? Do you need a safe and inclusive personal changing area?

Regiter here to make your day as inclusive and enjoyable as possible!

Service you can aplly for include a parking space in our accessible car park, request Viewing Passes, Freedom Passes for accessible toilets or book a one to one service with our British Sign Language Interpreters. 

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be contacted until 1st Febuary 2019 earliest  when the application process begins.